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Blog by Linda Jinks

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Knob & Tube Insurance

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from Buyers looking at older homes is whether they will be able to get insurance for a home with knob and tube wiring. Some insurance providers apparently flatly refuse to insure an older house that has even some knob and tube wiring. The only option available to the owner who gets this response from one company after another is to have the knob and tube wiring removed, possibly at some considerable expense, even though the wiring may in fact be perfectly safe.

If you are considering buying an older home a new program offered by the BC Automobile Association may be the answer. Under BCAA’s new program they will now consider insuring homes with knob and tube wiring. A new firm called “PowerSafe BC” is working with BCAA and provides the inspection that assesses any risk posed by the knob and tube wiring. The homeowner pays about $250 for the inspection, but BCAA will offer a discount off the policy premium to help cover the cost. According to PowerSafe, providing there has been no tampering, about 95 per cent of the time knob and tube wiring is fine. In that case, BCAA will be prepared to insure your heritage property, unless, of course, they have other concerns that have to be addressed.

What does Knob & Tube look like?